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Sizing Guide: How to Measure Your Window For Roman Shades. Inside & Outside Mount Explained

This step-by-step guide makes it easy for you to get accurate measurements for any type of window or French door.

It’s important to get the correct measurements from the get-go to avoid the future hassle if they don’t fit your windows. Otherwise, you risk losing money, time, and energy going back and forth with the window shades supplier.

Our instructions will help you tackle window measurement like a pro to make sure you order the right fit. Follow the steps below and help us design the perfect window treatments to decorate your home with.

Steps to measure your windows for custom shades

Before getting to work, prepare the tools you’ll need for measuring your windows.

Make sure you have a sturdy step ladder, a steel measurement tape, and a pen and paper, then proceed with the following steps on how to measure your windows for shades:

  1. Place a step ladder close to and at the right angles to the window, with the front or the back steps facing the window.
  2. Open the step ladder spreaders and shelf fully and lock the braces. Make sure it’s stable by checking that all ladder feet are on a firm, solid, non-slippery surface.
  3. Face the step ladder when climbing up or down and keep your body between the side rails. Always have at least three points of contact and that maintain a strong grip on the rail.
  4. Make sure you have a pen and paper. If you don’t feel safe carrying them in one hand, ask someone else to hand them to you.
  5. Measure the windows with the tape measure by following the instructions specific for inside or outside mount shades.
  6. Measure the window frame width in three spots, along the top, middle and bottom.
  7. Measure the window frame height in three spots, along the left side, middle and right side.
  8. Take into account your window operating hardware when measuring and deciding on the product.
  9. Make sure to record in the same order (W x H x D): width first (left to right), height (top to bottom), depth (front to back), rounding the measurements to the nearest 1/8".
  10. Use the pencil to note your measurements on the paper.
  11. Measure each window individually even if they seem to be the same size.
  12. Move the stepladder when needed if you can’t reach the place you need to measure.
  13. Do not measure your existing shades. Measure the window openings for more accuracy.

Determine if you want an inside or outside mount

No matter your installation preferences, the LOGANOVA Shades team can make your vision come true. But before deciding which type of installation you prefer for your windows, it’s best to make some measurements first to make sure they fit.

  • An inside mount fits perfectly within the window frame. This type of roman shades showcases the window size and molding while giving it a cleaner look. At the same time, it helps save more energy. You can opt for an inside mount when you have 1.5-2” of casing depth to ensure that your blinds don’t stick out. Otherwise, an outside mount is required.

If you’re interested in ordering custom inside mount roman shades, explore our collection or contact the LOGANOVA Shades team for more information.

    how to measure for inside mount window treatments

    • An outside mount is installed over the window molding or the wall above your window casing. It covers light gaps and provides more privacy. They are a good choice if your windows are not square or if there are obstructions on your window frame. For outside mount roman shades, you must have at least 3” of space above the window frame. You can check the squareness by measuring the casing diagonally in two places. If the dimensions are not equal it means you must go for an outside mount.

    Contact us and find out more about our collection of custom outside mount roman shades.

    How to measure for an inside mount window treatment

    Think that inside mount roman shades fit your home aesthetic better? If you checked and your windows’ casings allow it, go through the guide below to make sure you get the right inside mount fit:

    Here is how to measure your windows to get the right inside mount fit:

    • Step 1: To find out the width, measure the inside of your window frame, from left to right, along the top, middle, and bottom. Round the measurements to the nearest 1/8" and write down the narrowest one. This is the width measurements you will submit to the manufacturer.

    how to measure for inside mount window shades

    • Step 2: Measure the exact height of your window opening in three spots along the left side, middle and the right side. Remember to always round the numbers to the closest 1/8" and, this time, circle the tallest one. This is the measurement you will use to order your roman shades. If you don’t want the shades to rest on the sill deduct a 1/4" from the final height measurement. Otherwise, simply measure from the top to where you want the shades to reach.

    how to measure for inside mount roman shades

    • Step 3: Do not make any deductions at your end unless it’s so that the shades don’t touch the sill. The factory will take them into account to make sure the shades are a perfect fit for your windows.
    • Step 4: Double check the measurements and ensure you follow the W x H x D format.

    How to measure for an outside mount window treatment

    At LOGANOVA Shades, we aim to design the perfect fit for your windows. If your windows meet the requirements to install outside mount roman shades, follow the next steps to make sure your measurement is accurate.

    • Step 1: Whether your window has trim or not, you can measure the width from the far edges of the casing from top to bottom, touching the middle as well. Round the numbers to the closest 1/8" and record the largest of the three. We recommend adding 0.5-1” on each side to make sure the window frame is covered and provides maximum light coverage.
    • Step 2: To measure the height start by marking the spot where you want the top of your shades to be. Make sure you have at least 3” of space above the casing so that the casing doesn’t interfere with your mechanism, but if you don’t want the shades to block your view when it’s completely pulled up, add 10-12” to the top. From the spot you just marked, record the length to the window sill on the left side, the middle, and the right side. If there is no sill, we recommend adding 1” at the bottom to avoid light gaps. After rounding the numbers to the nearest 1/8", the largest one out of the three measurements will be your ordering length.

    measure height for outside mount window treatments

    • Step 3: Double check the measurements you have recorded and follow the W x H x S formula to make sure you don’t mix things up.

    Window measurements should be as important as choosing the style, color, and design of your custom roman shades and blinds. If the measurements are incorrect, the window treatments you ordered can either ruin the home decor you envisioned or worse, you’ll need to return them and wait some more for the new shipment.

    Therefore, carefully read and follow these instructions to the T to make sure you submit the right sizes from the beginning.

    Read more about how we deal if you gave us inaccurate measurements here.

    Looking to refresh your home with new custom window treatments?

    Explore our roman shades collection and choose the perfect style, design, and color for your home.

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