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Custom Roman Shade "Vista", European Relaxed Roman Shade custom, Custom Window treatments, Cotton Roman Shade with Chain mechanism

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The most classical of roman shades, the European Relaxed Roman Shade with the soft look and a piping on top of the shade and a smooth sag on the bottom.
When the shade is all the way down, it is a flat rectangular piece of fabric with a pocket on the bottom for a weight bar.
The piping on the top of the shade adds a decorative touch to make the shade prettier.
For outside mounts, we also provide side flats to cover the mechanism on the sides.
As you pull the shade up, it creates a relaxed "sag" in the middle.
The longer the shade, the more folds it will have. If you want to have the folds cover the bottom of your window, please order the shade at least 16-24 inches longer than your window.
If you decide to add to the window length please provide the length to make sure the chain is not longer then your window.

This European Relaxed Roman Shade is made from premium quality Vista fabric 100% Cotton.
This shade is available in 5 colours.

In our listing we have a range of sizes: W for the width and H for the height. Measure your window and pick the corresponding range to find out your price.

Check out these videos to help you instal and use your product:

- How to measure your windows:

- How to install inside the window frame:

- How to install outside the window frame:

Key Features:
- flat top with FREE piping
- when the shade is down it looks like a flat square, when it goes up it creates a smooth sag on the bottom
- weighted bar in bottom hem
- FREE Side flaps for outside mounted shades
- meticulously handcrafted appearance
- can be created with a soft blackout lining(dim out) which blocks 99% of light or polycotton lining which provides exceptional privacy
- available with a heavy-duty chain mechanism or motorized mechanism.

Simply choose your options and leave the rest up to us.

Please send us a request if you have any questions.

✅ 100% CUSTOMIZED: Whatever the dimensions of your French doors, kitchen windows or any window in your house, these fabric Roman Shades will be meticulously handcrafted to your precise measurements - within 1/8th of an inch precision!

✅ BLACKOUT LINING OPTION: A highly efficient, super soft layer light blocking lining is available which blocks 99% of light and helps insulate against noise.

✅ CONTROL OPTIONS: The heavy-duty control mechanism can be placed on the right or left of the Roman Shade. Alternatively, choose a cordless motorized mechanism.

✅ EASY TO INSTALL & MAINTAIN: Install within minutes using included hardware and screws. Snap the shade into the installed brackets according to the fast installation instructions.
Please make sure that your window frame is at least 1.5 '' for the inside the frame installation, otherwise please consider outside the frame mount. Our YouTube videos show you how easy it is:

If you decide to dry clean your shade we also include easy disassembling instructions for you.

✅ MONEY SAVING & ENERGY EFFICIENT: Keep away unwanted cold and heat, and prevent warmth from your house from going out the window. You can balance sunlight, privacy and temperatures within any room.

✅ PRIVACY, SAFETY & UV PROTECTION FOR YOUR FURNITURE: Pull up the shades to let in more natural light and enhance the look of your room or lower them to act as privacy shades and to protect your furniture and art from exposure to the sun.

What's Included

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Made by professional seamstresses in our factory in Toronto Ontario, your Roman Shade will include the following:

  • top quality fabric as described in the product details above
  • your choice of polycotton or blackout lining (note: sheer Roman Shades do not have a blackout lining option)
  • chain control mechanism (please choose which side the mechanism should be placed on) or motorized mechanism.  (note: for Top Down Bottom Up Roman Shades there are two mechanisms and chains on both sides; one regular chain and one to manage the top function.)
  • weighted bar in bottom hem
  • fabric covered mechanism measuring 1-1/2" deep
  • instructions on installing and dressing your shade
  • Roman Shade mechanism, brackets and screws are included

Important Points

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The Roman Shade is made to order. Please provide accurate measurements using our measuring instructions (for inside and outside mounted shades)

For successful inside installation your window frame must be at least 1.5 inches deep to accommodate the mechanism.  If your window depth is less than this, please consider an outside mount. Please note - for Top Down Bottom Up Roman Shades there must be at least 3 inches depth on the window frame, to accommodate the two mechanisms required.

To place your order, simply complete the customisation options and make your payment.

Alternatively if you want to discuss a different design or project with us, then visit our Custom Order Page and let us have the details.


Returns And Exchanges

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As all of our products are custom made to your specifications, we do not routinely accept returns or exchanges unless there are special circumstances. To learn more about these special circumstances, please read more about OUR PROMISE.


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