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Opportunities of Double Roman Blinds

  1. Adaptation to Complex Windows: These blinds are perfect for challenging window configurations such as angled windows, arched windows, trapezoidal windows, and other non-standard shapes. Double Roman blinds can be custom-made to replicate almost any window shape, providing you with maximum flexibility in interior design. If you have windows with an unusual shape, you can always consult our designers for free. Just send a photo of the complex window, and our designers will help you determine if double Roman blinds are suitable for your window treatment.
  1. Electrical Control: All Roman blinds, whether double or single, can be operated through electrical control. This means you can integrate them into a smart home system, control them with buttons or a remote control. If you don't want to install additional wiring, you can use batteries. The battery charging cycle varies depending on the brand and usage but usually ranges from 4 to 6 months.
  1. Blackout Roman Blinds: We offer the option to make dense Roman blinds from 100% blackout material. This is the ideal solution for those who value complete privacy and room darkening. We have developed a sewing technology that creates blinds with no seams in the shading area, ensuring maximum density and effectiveness.

Roman blinds are not only functional window treatments but also an art form that adds coziness and style to your interior. Here are some key features and opportunities of double Roman blinds:

  1. Use of Shape-Retaining Fabrics: Roman blinds are always made from high-quality fabrics capable of maintaining their shape. This allows them to create elegant folds and maintain a neat appearance even when raised or lowered.
  1. Enhanced Sheer Density: The sheer fabric used in Roman blinds is usually mounted on a lining. This method provides the sheer with additional density, improving light control.
  1. Custom Design: Double Roman blinds allow you to express your individuality in your window treatment design. You can choose various decorative elements such as trims, decorative tails, valances, fringes, bows, ruffles, and more. These details can be tailored to your preferences and interior style.
  1. Blackout Lining Option: If you love the fabric but also need maximum room darkening, you can order a blackout lining. A blackout lining provides complete darkness and protects the room from unwanted light, making it an excellent choice for bedrooms and other spaces where light control is essential.
  1. Advantage of Lining: Products sewn with lining always appear more luxurious and high-end. This underscores the importance of choosing the right lining for your fabric. Additionally, lining can protect the fabric from fading on the sunny side, preserving its beauty and color.

If you are yet to make a decision on any of these options in regards to your drapery – please call the Aspect Creative Agency or visit our showroom at 185-7250 Keele St, Vaughan, ON, and our agents will be more than happy to assist you. We are working by appointments only, please call or e-mail to get an appointment.

We sincerely hope you will choose to take advantage of the expertise and knowledge of our professional staff in the task of creating the look you desire for your drapery as well as adding to the coziness, beauty, and comfort of your space.

For your convenience, we created a couple of videos to help you measure and install your shades.

How to measure your windows video: 

How to install shades - chain mechanism(inside the window frame) video: 

How to install on a door - chain mechanism(outside installation) video: 

How to install cordless mechanism video: 

Troubleshooting Video: 

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