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We Tell You Everything About Double Roman Blinds

Double Roman blinds are a special type of window treatment that consists of two separate layers of fabric attached to a single double rail.

Double Roman blinds comprise two main layers:

  1. Roman Shade: This is the upper layer made of dense fabric that forms attractive horizontal folds when the blinds are raised. Roman shades can be made from various types of fabric, including natural ones like linen and cotton, or more decorative options such as silk or velvet.
  1. Lower Layer (often sheer): Situated beneath the Roman shade, this layer is typically made from lighter and more transparent fabric like sheer. It offers additional light control options, diffusing light and creating a softer ambiance in the room. You can raise just the Roman shade for maximum brightness or lower the sheer layer for gentle, filtered light, and even combine both layers.
double roman blinds

Double Roman blinds are an excellent choice in various situations when you need a blend of style, functionality, and light control. Here are some typical scenarios where double Roman blinds are used:


In bedrooms, double Roman blinds strike the perfect balance between light control and privacy. You can raise the dense Roman shade for complete darkness or lower the sheer layer to let in soft daylight.

Children's Rooms:

Double Roman blinds in children's rooms create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. The sheer layer provides a soft glow, while the Roman shade can serve as added insulation and blackout.

Living Rooms and Dining Rooms:

In these spaces, double Roman blinds add elegance and style. They can set the mood and regulate light levels according to the time of day and the occasion.

Home Offices:

Double Roman blinds in home offices provide a comfortable workspace. They allow you to control the brightness and create a more secluded atmosphere.


In bathrooms, double Roman blinds offer privacy and light control while maintaining a light and airy look.

Challenging Windows:

If you have non-standard window shapes, such as arched or angled windows, double Roman blinds can be customized to fit these unique forms effectively.

Sunny Spaces:

In rooms with lots of sun exposure, double Roman blinds with blackout lining can protect interiors from fading and overheating on hot days.

High Ceilings:

Double Roman blinds add elegance and visual interest to rooms with high ceilings, making the space cozier.

Double Roman blinds can be operated using various mechanisms, allowing you to choose the most suitable option for your interior and preferences. Here are some common mechanisms for double Roman blinds:

  1. Corded or Chain-driven Mechanism:

- This mechanism uses a cord or chain for raising and lowering the blinds.
- It can be single-corded or double-corded, where each cord controls one layer.
- Provides good control over light and privacy.

  1. Spring Mechanism:

 - The spring mechanism offers automatic lifting and lowering when you pull the bottom rail.
- It is a simpler and more affordable option but may have limitations in height adjustment.

  1. Motorized Mechanism:

- A modern and convenient solution that allows you to control double Roman blinds using electronic devices.
- Offers precise control over light and can be integrated into a smart home system.

  1. Battery-powered Mechanism:

- Similar to motorized options but powered by batteries.
- Offers wireless control and is a good alternative when wiring isn't possible.

You can purchase various types of double Roman blinds from us, including blackout, dense, sheer, or with sheer. You can also view photos of our Roman blinds for inspiration.

Advantages of Double Roman Blinds:

double roman shades

  1. Versatility: In modern homes, there are often different functional zones, such as a kitchen with a workspace, a children's area with a study nook, or even a bedroom with a work area. In such cases, the windowsill may also be part of the workspace. Double Roman blinds allow you to raise the dense Roman shade while leaving the sheer layer down. If desired, you can raise both the sheer and the shade to maximize the amount of light.
  1. Budget-Friendly Options: There are more affordable versions of double rails where one chain controls both blinds. However, in this case, the mechanisms are interdependent, meaning you can't raise or lower the blinds and sheers independently.


Please be advised that effective May 1, 2022, corded/chain mechanism window coverings are banned in Canada.* This means that if you order this product and select the ‘corded’ mechanism option, your order will be cancelled, or alternatively, switched to a cordless or motorized design, if you are willing to pay extra.

We offer a variety of similar cordless products for you to select from. Please visit the following listings:

*Please visit  for more information on the new Regulations.

If you are yet to make a decision on any of these options in regards to your drapery – please call the Aspect Creative Agency or visit our showroom at 185-7250 Keele St, Vaughan, ON, and our agents will be more than happy to assist you. We are working by appointments only, please call or e-mail to get an appointment.

We sincerely hope you will choose to take advantage of the expertise and knowledge of our professional staff in the task of creating the look you desire for your drapery as well as adding to the coziness, beauty, and comfort of your space.

For your convenience, we created a couple of videos to help you measure and install your shades.

How to measure your windows video: 

How to install shades - chain mechanism(inside the window frame) video: 

How to install on a door - chain mechanism(outside installation) video: 

How to install cordless mechanism video: 

Troubleshooting Video: 

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