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Your Roman Shades Cost Guide: How to get the best value for your money

Choosing Roman shades over ready-made window coverings has several important advantages. With off-the-shelf shade choices of styles, materials, colours, and patterns often limited, the perfect fit and function cannot be guaranteed. 

One of the advantages of Roman Shades is that they can be cost-consciously custom designed and manufactured to fulfill the exact needs and tastes of homeowners. The end product perfectly fits any style of window – even custom-shaped, odd-sized, and quirky windows. For example, Roman shades are good solutions for windows with a couch standing right under it, or windows overheating registers or baseboard heaters. In these cases, regular drapery will wrinkle and can even burn.

cost window treatment shade

But, what about cost? Isn’t anything that is custom made more expensive than ready-made? The answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no, depending on fabrics, functions, mechanism types, specification challenges, and manufacturer’s processes. What does “affordable” really mean? Let’s take a look at the costs of making custom Roman shades.

As with any home décor item, whether your Roman shades are ready-made or custom-made they are available in a range of qualities and prices. The higher the quality, the more expensive, so the goal is to find the right balance between great value and affordable cost. At Loganova we specialize in producing afforable custom Roman Shades that express the personal style of the homeowner. Stick around to find the perfect solution for your window treatments!

Quality and price depend on each other and you to deliver best value:

Fabric: Today’s textile industry produces countless types of fabric useful for the manufacture of Roman shades and prices differ according to each fabric’s own characteristics such as weight, light transmission, durability, strength, colour, patterns, and sizing. For example, polyester is less expensive than natural linen, velour, or silk.


Ready-made blinds – regardless of price – are available in limited combinations of those characteristics, allowing manufacturers to produce very high numbers of the same shade design. However, buyers of Loganova custom-made Roman shades benefit from the nearly limitless variety of available fabrics and the fact that we buy in wholesale quantities of 100s of yards at a time, bringing your cost down.

quality fabric window treatment

Styles: Here, too, the limitations of shopping for ready-made Roman shades can limit your choices. You may want a particular pattern only to find it unavailable in the style you want. Or, you may need a shade with blackout lining for a bedroom that is not available in your fabric choice. Adding to these obstacles is the fact that ready-made blinds come in ready-made sizes. If your chosen off-the-shelf shade design doesn’t fit your window you must settle for a second-choice that does fit.

custom made window treatment

Mechanism: This one is easy. Don’t buy shades that come with cheap hardware and mechanisms. Unfortunately, ready-made shades often come with cost-saving less durable hardware. The first time you want to open your shade and it doesn’t, you will understand. Your custom Loganova shades come with mechanism chosen for quality and durability, and purchased in larger quantities to keep costs down.

mechanism thermal and noise insulation window

Labour: This one is easy, too. Ready-made Roman shades are usually made by people operating programmed machines. Custom Roman shades are hand-made by skilled people who care. Expect to pay for the experienced, careful eyes and hands that custom make your shades.

hand made custom window treatment

Now that you have a better idea of what value means when it comes to Roman shade window treatments, let’s find out what value means when getting the best value for your money in these price categories:

Inexpensive ready-made: This is the realm of the big chain store. Everything, including Roman shades, is produced to sell at a certain price point. Inexpensive Roman shades in these stores cost from $40 to $100 each. At the low end, the shades are made of the least expensive materials and there is little differentiation in style, size, or graphic appeal.

Affordable ready-made: These shades sell in the $100 to $200 range, are made with better materials and – while possibly offering more options as to style, size and colour – the choice limitations of mass manufacture still apply.

Affordable high-end custom: Loganova produces full-custom shades, hand-made to exact specifications using top-drawer materials, and offering an exceptionally wide range of fabric, style, colour, and operation choices to ensure you can make your window treatment ideas real. We can even make your shades connect with the Internet, integrating with your smart home, so you can control your shades while on vacation across the ocean. At Loganova, most of our custom-made Roman shades cost start at approximately $130 with extras such as valances and blackout linings at equally affordable prices.

Special custom: In this category, the custom design and production process may begin with an in-home design consultation and end with professional installation. These Roman shades can cost upwards of $400 to $700 dollars each. In this case it is up to you to judge the cost/value balance.

custom made window treatment

So, if getting the best value for your money is near the top of your list of window treatment priorities, Loganova gives you an edge by buying your shade directly from the manufacturer. We are big enough that your budget enjoys the added value of our ability to buy materials wholesale in large quantities, keeping your cost down. And, we are small enough to hand-make every piece with skill and care through each step of the process. Your money buys high-quality Roman shades tailored to your taste while delivering extra value to your home’s décor – instead of paying for retail staff and real estate.

Browse through your Roman shade options and don't hesitate to ask for our consultancy! 

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