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How to Choose Contemporary Window Treatments for Your Modern Home

Truly modern homes are much more than up-to-date mechanicals and an open, uncluttered “feel”. Contemporary homes demand well-considered colour, design, and function.

When choosing window treatments for contemporary home environments, home owners and designers often pick vertical or horizontal blinds for their off-the-shelf availability. While they let good light into a room and stow easily, their somewhat plain nature does little to enhance a modern room’s clean lines and understated sophistication. 

Such blinds’ widespread use in the big world can lend an unexciting familiarity once you get home. Plus, the clatter they make when opened or closed is disturbing, and privacy can also be an issue.

This is where Roman blinds come in. They are basically single panels of high-quality textiles, not hard plastic. They do not clatter and even the amount of light they allow into a room can be custom controlled with varying textile densities and layers. Because of the wide variety of “looks” that can be achieved with Roman blinds, they make possible a huge range of custom styles you can choose to match your contemporary home.

Roman blinds offer visually pleasing, budget-friendly solutions to dressing windows in modern homes. Here are some of our best recommendations for types of window treatments that are great for modern homes, straight to you from the experts at Loganova Shades.

And remember, the borders between one style and another can be fuzzy. So let your mind and your tastes run free with the possibilities for Loganova Roman shades to enhance your modern home and choose what brings you joy.

What defines your home’s contemporary character?

As we know, “modern” home décor actually includes features and themes that overlap from one style to another. Let’s look at three modern styles and how they set the tone for window treatments:

Scandinavian – simplicity

Scandinavian interiors focus on simplicity in the form of less furniture, functional accessories, and restrained use of colour and accent. Neutral colours and whites with occasional splashes of colour set a tone of uncluttered calm.

modern nordic window treatment

Choose flat or relaxed Roman shades. The relaxed style will add a taste of coziness!


Industrial ­– materials

Industrial interiors are about materials. Exposed brick, steel structural supports, metal fixtures, and functional accessories are set in high-ceilinged spaces. Lighting plays an important role not only for livability but also to highlight textures of the various natural and manufactured materials.

Roman shades work remarkably well. They can be made to fit this style’s clean lines with precision, while complimenting hard surfaces with softer textile textures.

industrial shades window treatment brick

Be edgy with colourful geometric patterns or relax with subtle patterns in neutral colours!


Urban – space

Urban interiors are often a product of space limitations in townhomes and apartments. Many contemporary urban interiors are amalgams of both Scandinavian and industrial sensibilities. Well-defined, squared urban spaces contain only what is needed there. The mix of Scandinavian simplicity with industrial pragmatism achieves a blend of comfort and usefulness necessary for urban lifestyles.

For instance, geometric patterns done in a neutral colour palette on an interesting fabric wide variety of fabrics is one way to bring them together.

Choosing the simplicity of tidy, flat Roman shades in urban window treatments complements both the Scandinavian and Industrial designs found in urban homes.

modern window treatment pattern shade

Upgrade your home’s style with these contemporary, relaxed or flat Roman shades from our collection!


Here are a few examples of how to integrate modern Loganova window treatments into contemporary homes:

Roman shade window treatments for large windows

Big windows are a beautiful feature of many contemporary homes and, modern condominium apartments. Extra light and stunning views are just two of their contributions to modern living. Custom-made Roman shades are a particularly effective treatment for large windows due to the ease of custom-sizing them for perfect fit.

large windows treatments modern shades

Go for a stylish and practical window treatment for your living room's large windows or kitchen's patio doors!


Roman shade window treatments for bedrooms

Roman shades in contemporary bedrooms not only provide privacy and help soften the acoustic environment, they can be primary design features in the smaller space. Fine textiles in beautiful colours and patterns give small, minimalist rooms a focal point.

children bedroom window treatment geometric pattern

Handpick a geometric pattern to give any room the depth and style of a contemporary space!


Roman shade window treatments for living rooms

Well chosen Roman shade window treatments add life to modern living rooms. During the day, careful combinations of design and material complement the natural light flowing into the room. In the evening the shades’ colour, texture, and structure bring their own character into play.

living room modern treatments neutral shades

Whether you fancy modern blends of whites and blacks or mix it up with pastel shades and fancy patterns, there are window treatments for all tastes, home decors and needs for stunning functional and stylish results.

Step outside the norm and pick the shade that complements your modern décor best. Check out Loganova Shades collection and opt for a statement window treatment! 

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