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Window Treatment Ideas That Work with Sliding Glass Doors & Patio Sliders

Roman blinds offer a visually pleasing, budget-friendly solution to dressing sliding glass doors. Beautiful, sturdy, durable Roman blinds let you coordinate the design theme of your room with plain or patterned options. Loganova Roman blinds and window treatments feature a wide variety of window and door coverings that bring colour, texture, and easy operation to any glass sliding door.

When choosing window treatments for sliding glass doors, homeowners and designers often choose vertical blinds for patio doors and other types of glass doors. Vertical blinds let plenty of light into a room, stow easily, and allow easy access. While this functionality makes them useful in functional rooms such as business offices every-day uses may also lend an unexciting familiarity or even a cold industrial feeling to home settings. 

While vertical blinds are a common choice for sliding glass doors, the clattering noise they make when opened or closed is disturbing. The breeze from an open patio door or a fan can cause the same problem. Privacy is another concern for many people who select vertical blinds as a window treatment for sliding glass doors. 

window treatments sliding door patio

Choosing horizontal Roman blinds and several other kinds of horizontal window coverings manufactured and offered by Loganova solves both issues. Horizontal window treatments are basically single panels of high-quality textiles, not hard plastic. Their fabric materials ensure quiet operation and can completely block any view of the interior when closed.

Window Treatments Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors

Here are some of our best recommendations for types of window treatments that are great for sliding glass doors, straight to you from the experts at Loganova Shades:

1. Roman Shades for Patio Doors 

Sliding doors usually take up a large portion of a given wall’s space. While lots of light and easy access are among their prime contributions to a room’s functionality, they do take up space that could be used to display art and assert colour. Loganova Roman Shades are available in a huge range of patterns and motifs to help you balance décor with practicality.

2. Horizontal Blinds 

If blinds are your choice, it’s natural to think of vertical blinds. However, horizontal blinds can function as well and in some ways better than verticals. They are easy to clean, quieter in operation and, unlike verticals, the light comes through open horizontals from any angle with less ongoing adjustment. Time to button up? When closed, horizontals do not leave a small gap between the panels. 

3. Sheers 

If it’s light you want from your sliding glass doors, sheers are your choice. However, you don’t have to be stuck with ordinary plain sheers. Loganova provides sheers in a variety of textures and woven patterns. Also, want privacy? Loganova will make a second set of coverings to hang behind the sheers that not only block the view but give you an alternate design theme or colour for when you feel like a change.

4. Curtains

Drapes and curtains are classic styles suitable for nearly any sliding glass door. They hide a glass door when that is appropriate and always add a soft touch to any room. You can make them work with your room’s décor by choosing from lively or muted patterns or prints, even solid colours. Heat and light control is an important issue with sliding doors. Blackout or thermal linings give you that control. 

5. Vienna shades

Vienna shades function much like roller shades with one important difference that makes them an interesting choice for glass sliding doors. They combine privacy and security with the ability to allow soft light into your room. Featuring horizontal light-blocking fabric panels for privacy with light-friendly sheer fabric, Vienna shades offer a pleasantly soft outside vista when open.

6. Roller shades

For easy upkeep, low maintenance, and versatility, roller shades affordably fill the bill. Their design simplicity gives an unobtrusive appearance that complements décor rather than attracting attention away from a room’s overall design theme. Or, add a little Loganova design and colour sense, and mix simplicity with accent.

window treatments custom made

Accent your room’s unique features

Loganova Shades are custom made, which means you order them in sizes, shapes, and colours tailored to your rooms. Some rooms have features such as bay and arched windows. We, at Loganova, welcome the design challenges of your home. For instance, a decorative valence may be the perfect touch that makes your glass sliding patio door something special.

When you plan your window coverings, remember Loganova supplies many kinds of special features, such as decorative scallops, chain operating mechanism, top-down bottom-up shades, motorized coverings, and more. 

Things to think about when covering glass sliding doors

  • Consider weight. Patio doors are wider than most wall windows. When made with wood or faux wood slats, horizontal blinds can become heavy enough to overstress some mounting systems. Fabric is much lighter. 
  • Read Loganova’s instruction booklet for the correct, most accurate way to measure. Measure and record carefully, then double-check the measurements on your order to avoid do-overs.

Contact us to make sure your sliding glass doors and patio sliders are taken care of!

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