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5 Functional and Fashionable Ideas That Are the Best Fit for Your Bathroom Window Treatments

When it comes to your bathroom design, there are three things to consider: heat, humidity, and moisture. So this particular room needs special window treatments that are up for the challenge(s), with a seriously remarkable style!

Now, what type of blind is best for a bathroom? First and foremost, you should look for highly functional bathroom window coverings that are long-lasting, waterproof and resistant to moisture and heat. But it’s equally important to offer you all the privacy you need, including a beautiful decorative finish for your room.

Let’s see which ones of the most functional and fashionable shades are fit for your bathroom - and most importantly, why. 

Here are 5 types of waterproof window coverings and treatments that work best for the bathroom:


1. Blackout bathroom window coverings for complete privacy

 A well-designed bathroom should provide the highest level of privacy. If yours also has large windows that could attract some unwanted attention to it, you should certainly dress them with a nice blackout Roman shade

blackout roman shades loganova
This type of bathroom window covering is highly efficient because of its soft suede-feel blackout lining that blocks 99.9% of light and allows you to enjoy your private space all day long. 

2. Faux linen bathroom window shades for top moisture protection

Wondering if you can use Roman blinds in a bathroom? The answer is yes. Particularly when the one you choose is made from faux linen fabric.

Faux linen bathroom window treatments

This material is most suitable for bathrooms: it’s a hypoallergenic polyester that doesn’t retain any moisture (it just slides off it), it doesn’t get altered by mold and it keeps its high quality look no matter how many times you wash it. This makes the faux-linen window covering a great option for a highly humid or hot room

Choose your favorite faux linen bathroom window covering here

3. Top-down bottom-up bathroom window coverings for light and privacy

Maybe you love having the bathroom filled with natural light, but you’d really like to have some privacy to feel truly comfortable. Can you put curtains in the bathroom? Probably not the best idea in this type of room. But can you choose a top-down bottom-up window treatment? Definitely yes!

top-down bottom-up bathroom window treatment loganova

The beauty of it is that you gain complete control over your privacy and how much light gets in. The dual mechanism of this type of shade allows you to lower it from the top or raise it from the bottom as you need. Plus, you can get creative and choose a bold geometric or Greek pattern to make the bathroom more interesting. 

Customize your top down bottom up bathroom window treatment here 

4. Light-colored window treatments make the bathroom look more spacious and clean

You can always opt for the simple but elegant solution for a bright, relaxed look. A white or neutral-colored window treatment blends well into the style of the bathroom to make it look more spacious and clean, more open including for tiny bathrooms. 

Neutral bathroom window coverings

Moreover, a light-colored window covering will illuminate your bathroom with a softly filtered light all day long, while protecting your privacy. You can go with simple polycotton or blackout faux linen: they’re durable, water-resistant, easy to clean and provide a prolonged life to your treatments. 

At Loganova Shades, you can find or customize your unique bathroom window coverings that fit any window type, no matter the size. Choose yours here. 


5. Modern bathroom window coverings add a touch of art and color

If you think we all need a form of art in our lives – and our homes – it means you’d be more than happy to have an inspiring, artistic design for your bathroom window treatments, as well.

At Loganova Shades, we help you break the monotony by proposing a wide variety of modern patterns and luxurious fabrics that are made not just to work best in humid rooms, but to also look stunning on any large or small bathroom window of your home. Adding a drop of color will surely make a big difference in style!      

Get the best bathroom Roman shades handcrafted to your own dimensions with 1/8th of an inch precision


Modern water resistant bathroom shades

From highly durable, waterproof window treatments to simple, relaxed or colorful coverings to match your home’s style, you have plenty of functional and fashionable options to choose from for a perfectly comfortable bathroom. 

Take a look at our high-quality Loganova Shades coverings that come in beautiful designs and strong fabrics to best fit your bathroom windows!     

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