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7 Kitchen Window Treatments and Roman Shades Ideas That Work Best for Both a Stylish Decor & Function

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. 

It doesn’t matter if you love to cook or not, this is the very place where you’ll hang out for joyful conversations with your friends or valuable time with your family, and where your kids will always make a huge mess playing with food. You’ll get to live meaningful stories in this very place! So why not make it a beautiful and practical room, even when it comes to its very own window treatments?

Because it’s the busiest and hottest room of your house you prepare delicious meals here, clean up everything and start over the next day the window coverings that you’ll install will not only need to be durable and (more than) easy to clean. They should also keep you comfortable all year long, no matter how hot or cold the weather gets. Oh and don’t forget about style. You’ll want to impress your house guests every time you throw a party!

So let’s start cooking up some practical and trendy ideas for your new kitchen window. 


Here are 7 types of kitchen window coverings and treatments ideas that are best to decorate with:

Easy to clean Roman shades for over the sink windows

If you have windows above the kitchen sink, we hope you enjoy a great view from there, with plenty of nature! That is lovely until you realize how much of a splash zone it is so many grease splatters, stains, and spots can happen in this area because of all the dirty dishes and delicious meal prep.

That’s why when it comes to over the sink windows, you have to go for the easiest to clean and durable window coverings that can take some everyday use and “abuse”.

 The best and easiest kind of blinds for this case are faux linen window treatments, a fabric that is so low maintenance, it’s actually effortless. While it looks like linen, it’s actually a hypoallergenic polyester that doesn’t retain moisture, doesn’t get affected by mold and manages to keep its high quality look no matter how many times you’ll wash it.  Pretty neat, right?

A faux linen window treatment is also going to be great at keeping the sun away when you’re doing dishes or using the sink.

You could also opt for the top down bottom up treatment option, which makes your new kitchen window covering very easy to lift and handle.

Get it here and customize it for your own kitchen window

Sheer, simple window coverings for small kitchens

If you have a small kitchen, you’ll need all the space you can make – even if it requires some visual “trickery”! 

sheer simple window covering for kitchen

That’s why we at LOGANOVA Shades recommend looking for minimalistically designed Roman shades made out of sheer or semi-sheer premium fabrics that block harsh sun rays and, instead, allow a gentle natural light to illuminate and energize the space. The filtered sunlight will also keep your herb garden in great shape!

So if you don’t want to make the kitchen look crammed, go for a sheer, simple Roman shade – they will make your small, but precious kitchen look more spacious and clean. Opt for monochrome window coverings, preferably white or pastel colours, or with simple designs (borders, simple stripes).   

Get it here and customize it for your own kitchen window

Modern Roman shades for a reinvented kitchen

modern kitchen window treatments loganova

You’ve put all your energy into remodelling the kitchen of your dreams. You picked the latest appliances and countertops and now you want to keep the same cool, luxurious aesthetique and feel.

The best window coverings for a modern kitchen will be a custom made flat Roman shade design that fits your windows like a dream. Don’t accept anything less than complete precision, to keep the custom, modern look you invested in. Flat Roman shades work well especially if you have a large kitchen. 

Besides being very decorative, you can also opt for a blackout lining that not only offers complete control of your privacy and noise insulation lining but blocks 99,9% of the light. On top of this, the high-quality fabrics of these flat blackout shades have a long-lasting life and save you energy costs by keeping a steady temperature in the room.  

Get it here and customize it for your own kitchen window


Farmhouse kitchen window treatments, for a rustic style

If you designed your kitchen to remind you of the home where you grew up, it’s most likely that the farmhouse style is something you fell in love with. However, a farmhouse doesn’t have to look shabby or “old”.

farmhouse kitchen window covering loganova

To keep its stunning rustic look that reminds you of all the great meals shared with your family or the good times spent in the countryside, go for soft and sheer patterns that look classic and traditional – or try a ruffled valance! 

The most popular farmhouse style window treatments are warm and off white ones with gentle stripes and of course, the classic plaid pattern (however, don’t go for bold colours – keeping to neutrals will ensure a more cohesive aesthetique with the farmhouse style).  

Get it here and customize it for your kitchen window


French, patterned Roman shades, for shabby chic kitchens 

For the French culture aficionados, there are some unique and interesting options available. Inspired by the beautiful Provence houses, the French country window coverings are vibrant and make your kitchen très chic and ready to impress your guests. 

french style kitchen window treatment

Their design is elegant and a bit sophisticated because sometimes it incorporates ruffles and mixed patterns that tell a story in an unexpected place. 

Get it here and style your kitchen!


Contemporary kitchen window treatments

If you like having a kitchen that looks clean and tidy all year round, free of any unnecessary item, it means you’ll love contemporary Roman shades. They’re stylish, minimalistic and enhance the overall feeling of a spacious kitchen. Besides being incredibly practical (you can opt for a blackout lining for complete control of your privacy), these contemporary kitchen window treatments will stand out with a modern look that completes a stylish, uncluttered kitchen. 

Get a handcrafted roman shade for your contemporary kitchen here

contemporary kitchen window treatment 

Add a splash of colour with an “unusual” pattern window treatment 

If you want to make a bold move with no effort regarding your kitchen redesign, why not go for a fun, colourful pattern that would energize the space? You have plenty of options to choose from, depending on your favourite colour or style. Plus, having an unusual print not only will add a bold dash of brightness and cheerfulness to your kitchen but will instantly boost your and your guests’ mood.    

Get your favourite coloured window treatment here

colorful kitchen roman shades 

Do you have a special type of kitchen window you need treatments for?

Each kitchen has its own quirks. Why not make them more beautiful? Here are a couple of kitchen window treatments we at LOGANOVA Shades also customize:

Kitchen bay windows treatments

Bay window treatments will need a special dressing to blend nicely into the kitchen’s decor. The best way to make that happen is to choose is to combine Roman blinds with curtains, for example – if the room allows you to. 

Customize your own set of bay windows treatments here


Corner kitchen window treatments

Whatever the size or placement of your kitchen windows (including the special ones like the kitchen bay or corner window, or really any window in your house!), Loganova Shades can create custom fabric Roman shades that will be meticulously handcrafted to your precise measurements – within 1/8th of an inch precision! 

Patio door kitchen windows coverings

If you want to better illuminate your kitchen and have easy access to the outside through your sliding glass doors, we have the perfect patio door kitchen window treatments for you. You can have the Roman shade you need that is specially designed to last longer, offer you complete control over privacy and light, and also add a beautiful finish to the room. 

Find the dream look for your patio door kitchen windows here 

patio door window coverings

It doesn’t matter if your kitchen window is small, arched, large, or a corner one – contact us and we’ll create custom window treatments that will look stunning in your kitchen and make you feel good in your home! 

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